Why the CDC will not advise the public to wear N95 masks – Atlanta Journal Constitution

Fauci confirmed that wearing a mask is the primary goal, but he said it is not necessary to wear two masks nor the professional-grade N95 masks.

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Gupta directed the question to Walensky, who was recently appointed director of the agency. She explained why the CDC has not altered its guidelines to specify the types of masks. She said with cloth masks, it is suggested that the public wear “multilayered masks,” but the challenge related to getting people to wear masks, she said.

“There are certainly ongoing studies evaluating the protective efficacy of these masks, especially in the context of these new variants we’re seeing,” Walensky said. ”…When you really think about how well people will wear them, I worry that if we suggest or require that people wear N95 they won’t wear them.”

Walensky said, having worn the masks often during her time as a medical director of a Boston hospital, she can attest to the masks being “very hard to tolerate for a long period of time.”

Fauci recently emphasized the focus now should be on places not to frequent as the daily number of COVID-19 cases remains high. He is still recommending Americans avoid indoor gatherings, gyms, bars and restaurants. He also continues recommending against travel.

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