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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — COVID-19 numbers in Kentucky and Indiana continue to go down, but Kentuckiana doctors say a recent drop does not signal an overall trend. 

Dr. Jon Klein, of UofL’s School of Medicine, said the numbers show the city is past the peak of the post-holiday surge.

“I think in some ways there is a phenomenon where it burns through the easy cases. The ones that are highly exposed, but also I think people – when they saw the surge – they became more careful,” Dr. Klein said. 

Clark County Health Officer Dr. Eric Yazel agrees and said there may be additional explanations.

“Now these days of January and February, they’re kind of cold and gray. People stay home a lot more and so you’re starting to see a decline,” Dr. Yazel said. “I do think testing is down a little bit so that also does factor into that.” 

As cases drop, three new strains of the virus that are believed to be more transmissible have been found in the US. The recently made discoveries come as the COVID-19 vaccines roll out.

“I think some of those new strains will be here before we can get the huge population vaccinated. So I do think we may see some increased cases as we work our way through,” Dr. Yazel said. “That’s why we’re focusing on the highest risk early in the vaccine process. So even though we may see an upswing in cases, hopefully we don’t see an upswing in serious cases.” 

Doctors say the vaccines have shown to work against the new strains and that more vaccines needs to be administered to decrease transmission of the virus.

“Decreased transmission means less opportunity to produce more variants, more mutations. So eventually we put this thing in a small enough box that we can lock it up and put it on the shelf,” Dr. Klein said. 

Dr. Yazel said there could be another spike in cases following spring break. 

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