Unauthorized distribution of COVID vaccine scheduling link prompts recall of 1,900 appointments – KTVI Fox 2 St. Louis

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo.– The Jefferson County Health Department is recalling more than 1,900 COVID vaccine appointments after the registration link was shared on social media.

The department says the private registration link was for the March 1 and March 2 clinics. The shared link allowed individuals to gain access to appointments who were not provided the original authorized registration link via email from the health department.

Officials cross-referenced the email address of those that signed up for the clinics to determine who wasn’t emailed the authorized link.

The health department says individuals may not have realized they were using an unauthorized link due to its wide circulation.

Health officials say to maintain the integrity of the registration process, it canceled any appointments made by people who didn’t receive the registration credentials.

“We recognize that this may cause frustration for impacted individuals, but it is the only way to honor the legitimate registrations of those who completed the process and waited their turn in line for an appointment,” states Jefferson County Health Department Director, Kelley Vollmar.

Vollmar says if the link is made public or shared with others, then it robs other invitees of the same opportunity to receive their long-awaited vaccine.

The Jefferson County Health Department is telling residents to complete the Vaccine Interest Survey on its website which will allow officials to notify people when it is their turn for the shot. You can find that link on jeffcohealth.org.

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