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Residents of two Bay Area counties can now track their regions’ coronavirus vaccine rollout progress online.

San Francisco and Santa Clara counties have launched online dashboards to help track distribution of the vaccines. Like other counties throughout the state, they have reported continued challenges with insufficient and unpredictable supplies from the state and federal government — leading to widespread confusion and frustration among eligible residents anxious to receive the shots.

San Francisco’s dashboard tracks the number of city residents who have received at least one dose of the two-dose coronavirus vaccine course, as well as the number of doses administered by sites operating in the city. It does not include doses administered at health care systems that operate in multiple counties, which receive their vaccine allotments from the state. According to the website, the data reflects a two-day lag.

Santa Clara County’s dashboard shows a summary of all vaccine types received and administered by providers in the county, as well as the number of appointments scheduled during the next seven days. It does not include providers that receive their allotments from the federal government, such as CVS/Walgreens.

Users cannot sign up for appointments on the dashboards. (Scroll to the end of this story for more information about how to find vaccinations.)

Medical assistant Lori Viramontes (l to r) gives a Moderna COVID-29 vaccination to Camille at the new COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Sutter Health in San Francisco on Thursday, January 14, 2021 in San Francisco, Calif. Because of limited vaccine availability, Sutter Health is only vaccinating seniors aged 75 and older and not yet vaccinating those seniors 65-74 years old.

According to San Francisco’s dashboard, as of Monday, 29,599 people had been vaccinated with at least one dose so far, and more than 6,483 had been given both doses. The dashboard tracks only residents of San Francisco who received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine; it does not track any vaccinations given to people who work, but do not live in the city (even if they were vaccinated in San Francisco).

That means 3.4% of San Francisco’s population had received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 0.7% of its population had received two doses, according to the dashboard. City officials on Wednesday set June as the goal for all eligible residents to be vaccinated, but acknowledged they will need large increases in daily vaccination numbers and available supply.

Santa Clara County’s dashboard is a little more granular and includes information for each vaccine provider such as the county’s health system, Planned Parenthood, Stanford Health Care and more.

As of Tuesday, more than 42,306 first doses of the vaccine had been administered through the county’s health system, 20,704 through Stanford Health Care, 12,650 through Kaiser Permanente, 2,206 through Good Samaritan Hospital and 4,192 through El Camino Health. Several thousands more had been distributed through other providers.

Second dosages in Santa Clara County have been a bit slower, but more than 9,800 had already been given to county residents through Stanford Health Care, 7,500 through the county’s health system and 3,200 through Kaiser Permanente, with about 4,000 more through several other providers.

For those seeking information about where and when to get their shots:

San Francisco residents can go to www.sf.gov/vaccinenotify and submit contact and eligibility information, and then be notified via email when it’s their turn to get vaccinated.

Santa Clara County’s website provides links to make vaccine appointments for patients of major health care providers.

Go to this story for additional information about other Bay Area counties.

Annie Vainshtein is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @annievain

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