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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Appointments are filling up fast at the four vaccination clinics across Douglas County this month.

As of Saturday, most openings available to Douglas County residents age 75 and older are February 20 and 27 at the Rasmussen Center at Creighton near 17th and Mike Fahey streets. The Douglas County Health Department encourages people to sign up for those clinics this month.

“Most vaccine sites are booked full, but there are more openings near the end of February,” the department said in a news release Friday.

Residents are still required to schedule an appointment through the county health department.

Seniors like Mike Collins received their first dose Saturday. He says it was easy to register online with the help of some family.

“It’s real quick, it’s over and I feel better about it already,” Collins said.

Only a few appointments have been booked so far at the Rassmussen Center later this month. Expect students to help you through the check-in and vaccination process.

“The fact that [students] even see and participate in a process of what it’s like to do a mass vaccination clinic is unheard of,” said Dr. Mike Miller, director of emergency medical services and education.

The third and final step of the clinic at the Rasmussen Center is recovery, which is typical for vaccination sites. Seniors sit after receiving their dose and students check in on them for about 15 minutes to make sure they’re not having any side-effects or allergic reactions from the vaccine.

Seniors like Mike Collins only have one more dose to go until they’re fully vaccinated. People are scheduled for their second dose before they exit the facility and head home.

Creighton provides parking and a shuttle service to the Rasmussen Center, click here for details.

The Douglas County Health Department requires residents to sign up for appointments. None of the clinics accept walk-ins.

“Camping” for any unused doses is not allowed. Excess doses will go to critical infrastructure workers.

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