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Ella Fitzgerald, the Queen of Jazz, used to sing that summertime livin’ was easy. Will Smith, the Prince of Bel-Air, added that it was a time to sit back and unwind. Both were right, but neither took into account a devastating pandemic. Had they known about COVID at the time, they probably would have added in a line about social distancing or hand-sanitizing.

As the weather gets warmer and summer approaches, many are starting to plan backyard barbecues and pool parties. This temptation of returning to normal life—especially after already getting robbed of last summer—is both normal and understandable. After all, cases are getting lower and lower, right? Yes, but according to the state’s coronavirus website, most counties along the Wasatch Front are still at a moderate level of transmission. As such, if you’re planning to attend or host a sizable event, you and your guests should get tested first. Here’s why.

It’s fast

The drive-through system is one of the most ingenious American inventions of the last century. (Eat your heart out, Europeans who actually have to walk into banks.) Many testing and vaccination centers, including COVID Clinic, allow you to go through the entire testing process without ever having to turn off your car. And not only that, most of the tests produce results very quickly. COVID Clinic offers five different tests, four of which yield results in less time than you have to sit through at your kids’ soccer games.The antibody and antigen tests take half an hour, and the molecular NAAT and rapid PCR (used for most travel requirements) tests take one hour.

It’s effective

As you’ve probably noticed, there are a variety of COVID tests out there—and all are remarkably effective.

The antibody test, used to determine if an individual has previously contracted COVID, has a reported false-negative rate of only about 20%, says Harvard Health. And a lot of those false negatives are due to taking the test too soon; it takes a week or two after infection for the body to develop antibodies.

The antigen test, used to determine active cases, has a similar success rate if administered properly. The molecular tests (NAAT and PCR) are considered the most accurate: the rapid PCR test is effective enough to be accepted by places with travel restrictions in effect and the full-scale PCR test is almost 100% accurate, reports the Mayo Clinic.

Planning to attend a party soon? Here's why you should get tested first
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Peace of mind

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The last thing anyone wants to do is to get everyone else sick at an event that’s supposed to be festive—especially if there are at-risk parties present.

But getting tested isn’t just the responsible action to take as a host or attendee to prevent the spread of COVID, it’s also something that gives you and your guests peace of mind. Before heading to a sporting event, party, school gathering or anywhere else with a crowd, get tested today at one of Utah’s nine COVID Clinics. You’ll feel better knowing you’re out with others safely. Find a location near you on the COVID Clinic website.

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