Pain relievers and the COVID-19 vaccine could be a detrimental mix – NBC2 News

Many people take an aspirin or ibuprofen before getting vaccinations, but health experts say pain relievers and the COVID-19 vaccine might not be a good mix.

They say common over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen can possibly reduce the vaccine’s effectiveness if you take them before you get the shot.

Common side effects like mild fever, headache, or pain at the injection site are actually proof any vaccine is working, not just the ones for COVID-19. Pain reliever medications are meant to weaken those side effects, but it can weaken how well the vaccine works in your body too.

“If we’re inhibiting the fever, it may be inhibiting some of these normal antibodies to develop, which will give us the protection against COVID-19 or influenza or any other number of vaccines that we’re supposed to take,” said FGCU Physician Assistant Studies Director Robert Hawkes.

Hawkes said there is an important exception to that take on pain relievers and the COVID-19 vaccine.

“If you’ve been prescribed or requested by your provider to take one of these medications on a regular basis, don’t stop it before you get the vaccine, continue to take it as normal,” he said.

He said it is okay to take pain relievers after you get the vaccine. If you want a more natural alternative, try putting a cold compress or warm cloth over the injection site.

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