Page urges honesty in vaccine sign-ups as County prepares for second shipment – KTVI Fox 2 St. Louis

ST. LOUIS– St. Louis County Department of Public Health (DPH) expects to get another shipment of the COVID-19 vaccine tomorrow and St. Louis County Executive Sam Page is urging honesty in the registration process.

“For the system to work correctly and to get the shots to those who need it the most we need everyone to be honest about the demographics and their employment information,” explained Page during a morning briefing.

He said it isn’t a huge problem but there have been instances of people saying they are health care workers when they are not.

He also says some have brought spouses along who weren’t eligible for the vaccine and there have even been some high school students that have misrepresented who they were.

Page said everyone needs to be on the honor system and urged patience.

The DPH administered 833 vaccines last week and expects to get through the rest of its 975 vaccines today.

Page also discussed the county’s plans to open vaccination sites across the area. He said there will be a mass vaccination site in North County where the virus hit early and hard.

“We are committed to getting this life saving shot to those who have historically been underserved and disproportionally impacted,” said Page.

The location of the site hasn’t been finalized but Page said it will be large enough that people can easily socially distance, including during the 30 minute observation period after receiving the shot. He also said it would be inside so people didn’t have to stand outside in the cold.

There are also plans for drive-up sites but Page said that would come later in the process.

You can register to get notifications when the vaccine is available to you by going to STLcorona.com.

You can also read the FAQ’s St. Louis County released about the vaccine.

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