Only One Person Tied to Superspreader Event That Closed Seascape Restaurant, Trinidad Rancheria Says – Lost Coast Outpost

PREVIOUSLY: Seascape Restaurant Closed due to COVID ‘Superspreader Event’; Recent Guests Asked to Get Tested


Press release from the Trinidad Rancheria:

The Trinidad Rancheria Tribal Government would like to clarify that the Seascape
Restaurant HAS NOT had a COVID-19 outbreak. Rather, a single individual who was
present at the restaurant the week of April 18th was affected by the outbreak reported by
the Humboldt County Public Health Alert:


Out of an abundance of caution for our tribal members, employees, customers, and the
community, Trinidad Rancheria closed the restaurant to disinfect it and ensure that none of
our staff tests positive before reopening.

Seascape Staff have been proud to remain open
to serve you throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic by closely following all CDC and OSHA
guidelines. We also have a Public Safety Officer providing oversite of compliance with
safety procedures. We very much appreciate the wonderful comments about our great food
and look forward to reopening as soon as practicable.

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