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Syracuse, N.Y. — New York has opened tons of new Covid-19 appointments this morning — but booking them is challenging because the demand is so great.

Here are some tips from people who have had success:

Clear your cache before starting.

Start with the state’s Am I Eligible website. Click the blue “get started” button.

Fill out the eligibility form. This has been a problem for some, as the screen sometimes freezes. Others say the questions about underlying health conditions aren’t showing. This is why it might help to clear your cache and try again. Others say trying a different browser has helped.

If you get past that, you’ll see a screen that looks like the photo below:

Covid-19 vaccine appointments

This image is from New York’s “Am I Eligible” website. You get to this page after entering eligibility information. From here, keep updating and clicking on the various vaccine sites. Appointments do pop up occasionally.Source: New York state

This is the screen to refresh, or “update” frequently, then select a site.

Often, you’ll get a pink screen that says “Due to high volume, appointments can’t be made at this time for this location.”

That, sadly, is a dead end. Close out of that tab and go back to the locate provider screen (shown above).

Hit the update button and repeat.

With luck, you’ll get into a virtual queue at the vaccine location you’ve selected. Stay on this screen and wait for the clock to count down. That can last as long as an hour.

Once it does, hit the continue button.

That should open up the page with the appointments. This morning, readers have reported having luck getting appointments in February and March at state-run sites.

And remember, the state does have a phone line for appointments: 833-697-4829. Though as of 10:50 a.m. today, that line played a message saying the call volume was high and asked people to call back later.

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