In Covid-Era Travel Scam, Fraudsters Offer Fake Test Results – The Wall Street Journal

In many parts of the world, travelers must show a negative Covid-19 test before catching a flight, but a number of recent arrests suggest the results won’t all be authentic.

Authorities in Indonesia, France and the U.K. say they have arrested the purveyors of falsified coronavirus tests.

“As long as travel restrictions remain in place due to the Covid-19 situation, it is highly likely that production and sales of fake test certificates will prevail,” Europol, the European Union’s law-enforcement agency, said this month.

Allegations of Covid-19 testing fraud have been cropping up around the world. A man was arrested outside of London Luton Airport in late January in connection with the sale of bogus Covid-19 test certificates.

In November, French authorities arrested seven people for selling false certificates to travelers at Charles de Gaulle Airport, near Paris. Police first got wind of the fraud after discovering a passenger with a fake certificate on a flight to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. After the arrests, police found on the suspects’ phones more than 200 fake certificates, which allowed people to fly internationally, according to French prosecutors.

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