How 425000 Coronavirus Deaths Added Up – The New York Times

Feb. 29
· The first known U.S. death from the coronavirus is reported in Washington State.

March 14
· New York City records its first death from the virus.

March 26
· The United States overtakes China as the country with the most known cases of the coronavirus, and for the first time in New York City, more than 100 patients die in one day.

April 7
· More than 2,000 deaths are reported in a single day in the United States for the first time since the pandemic began.

April 15
· The United States reports 2,752 deaths in one day, a record that will hold until December. Almost half are in the New York City area.

May 4
· Florida reopens restaurant dining, becoming one of a few states to reopen after spring shutdowns.

May 19
· For the first time since late March, the average number of deaths per day in New York City falls below 100.

July 1
· The Phoenix metro area reports a record 3,759 cases in one day. Outbreaks mount in Florida, Texas and other Sun Belt states, many of which reopened earlier than elsewhere in the U.S.

July 16
· The U.S. case curve hits a peak of more than 75,000 cases reported in one day.

Aug. 16
· The average number of daily deaths peaks in Texas, where almost 3,000 have died in the past two weeks. The record will hold until December.

Sept. 12
· The average number of new U.S. cases per day hits a low point last reached in June and not seen since.

Oct. 25
· More than 50,000 people have tested positive for the virus in Wisconsin in the previous two weeks. The outbreak there will continue to grow for several more weeks.

Nov. 14
· Cases peak in North Dakota, where one in 40 residents have tested positive in the past two weeks alone.

Dec. 9
· The number of deaths reported in one day passes 3,000 for the first time.

Jan. 7
· More than 4,000 deaths are reported in a single day in the United States, a new record.

Jan. 15
· Almost 4,000 deaths were reported in California in the previous week alone.

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