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‘Palace Four’ to reveal whether Meghan Markle gave private information to the authors of Finding Freedom

The “Palace Four” will reveal whether the Duchess of Sussex gave private information to the authors of Finding Freedom, indirectly or otherwise, they have confirmed. The four, who were among the Duchess’s closest and most senior royal aides, insisted they would remain “strictly neutral” and had no interest in helping either side in her legal action against the Mail on Sunday. In a letter lodged with the High Court on their behalf, Samantha Cohen, her former private secretary, Christian Jones, former deputy communications secretary, Jason Knauf, former communications secretary and Sara Latham, former communications director, said they would also provide evidence about the creation of the letter Meghan sent to her father, as well as the draft, and whether she expected it to be made public. The prospect of new information could deal a blow to the Duchess’s attempt to have the case decided without a trial. Antony White QC, for Associated Newspapers, owner of the Mail on Sunday, said the four could clearly “shed light” on the issues at stake, noting that the case “cried out” for further investigation. “The evidential picture at trial is likely to be very different from the one presently before the court,” he added.

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