Flu and viral cases on the rise: Why are flu symptoms taking longer to heal now? – Times of India

September-October and the seasonal changes setting in right now are big caveats for flu cases to shoot up . While there’s no saying how severe or manageable a particular flu season could be, some preventive measures right now, apart from COVID-appropriate behaviour and timely vaccination can save us from facing dangers of a twindemic:

-Washing and disinfecting hands frequently. Do not touch eyes, nose or the mouth with contaminated, germy hands.

-Maintain your distance when you are out, and limit touching frequently-accessed surfaces

-Limit your contact if you feel sick, or develop some symptoms, even if it’s just a cold or a slight fever

-Wear a mask when you step outside. A mask would be able to garner protection even when others around you do not wear one.

-Carry a sanitizer with you whenever you step out.

-Minimize exposure if you are at risk

-Check your symptoms, get timely help to manage your condition in a better way.

It should be noted that just as COVID measures were able to minimize the flu season from getting worse last year, the same measures, and adequate respiratory hygiene will be sufficient to cover risks of any such infections as well.

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