Covid-19 Vaccines in U.S. Beckon Foreigners Seeking Shots and Shops – The Wall Street Journal

McALLEN, Texas—Even before New York City announced plans to offer visitors free vaccines, tourism from Texas to Florida has received a boost as tens of thousands from Mexico and other countries fly to the U.S. for a shot in the arm.

“Enjoy Dallas, Includes Covid Vaccine,” said a Mexico travel agency ad. Thai tour companies are selling vaccine packages to California. Northern states in the U.S. are supplying their Canadian neighbors with doses.

Most of the travel appears to be between Mexico and Texas. Mexican airlines have added routes to South Texas and stepped up frequency. Flights to Houston, Dallas and San Antonio are booked for weeks, and prices are rising.

Cindy Mijares, a 31-year-old jewelry designer from Monterrey, Mexico, said she booked a Covid-19 vaccination appointment at a Texas pharmacy, as have many of her friends. People hesitate to talk about crossing the border for a vaccine, concerned that they are doing something wrong, she said, adding that she just wants life to go back to normal.

“I’m excited, I’m happy, I want to go travel,” she said.

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