COVID-19 Statistics | March 19, 2021 – Lost Coast Outpost

Thirteen additional cases of COVID-19 were reported in Humboldt County today, bringing the total number of county residents who have tested positive for the virus to 3,419. 

In related news, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) on Wednesday updated an FAQ for Youth Sports Guidance to state “age-appropriate supervision should be limited to a single adult (or immediate family member older than the sport participant).”  

Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Ian Hoffman said the state released updated guidance for Youth and Recreational Sports on Feb. 19 and took nearly a month to provide this specific information on spectators. “In the absence of state guidance, we came up with a plan that would allow up to two adults to attend, with adherence to safety measures that include wearing a facial covering and distancing from non-household members,” he said. “We will continue to support common sense rules and regulations that are based in logic and what is best for Humboldt County.”  

This afternoon CDPH updated its Youth Sports Guidance to clarify that sideline cheer is now allowed as a moderate-contact sport. The guidance states that sideline cheer is considered comparable to competitive cheer, and as such, should follow all requirements of other outdoor moderate-contact sports.   

Humboldt County Sheriff William Honsal said the Sheriff’s Office is not here to dictate what age-appropriate supervision for youth sports looks like and will not be in attendance at these sporting events to monitor parents’ supervision of their youth athletes. 

“Throughout this entire pandemic, the Sheriff’s Office has taken an educational approach to COVID-19 precautions, rather than an enforcement approach,” he said. “We feel that this approach continues to be successful in our county.” 

Anyone attending youth sporting events is required to practice COVID-19 safety precautions, including maintaining social distancing, wearing a facial covering, avoiding mixing households and staying home if feeling sick. 

Read the updated FAQ at cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/COVID-19/Youth-Sports-FAQ.aspx.

For the most recent COVID-19 information, visit cdc.gov or cdph.ca.gov. Local information is available at humboldtgov.org or during business hours by contacting [email protected] or calling 707-441-5000. 

Some Safeway and CVS Pharmacy locations are offering COVID-19 vaccination appointments. See if there are appointments available for your age group or sector at one of these locations by clicking on the links below.

Safeway: https://www.mhealthappointments.com/covidappt

CVS Pharmacy: https://www.cvs.com/immunizations/covid-19-vaccine?icid=cvs-home-hero1-link2-coronavirus-vaccine.

Local COVID-19 vaccine information: humboldtgov.org/VaccineInfo
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