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Press release from the Humboldt County Joint Information Center:

Twenty additional cases of COVID-19 were reported today, bringing to 2,672 the total number of county residents who have tested positive for the virus.

Humboldt County today also reported five new hospitalizations related to COVID-19 for a total of 13 this week, which is more than any previous week of the pandemic. Public Health officials pointed out that hospitalizations lag a few weeks behind an increase in cases and urged county residents to be vigilant and follow all prevention measures, noting that simple precautions can have a big impact when everyone adheres to them. 

Between today and Thursday, about 1,000 health care providers and emergency services workers, including firefighters and law enforcement personnel, are scheduled to be vaccinated at Public Health clinics. An additional 250 health care providers are scheduled to receive their second dose Friday. 

Educators also have started receiving vaccination appointment invitations through the Humboldt County Office of Education or their district, beginning with about 1,000 educators and support staff at districts and charter schools that are currently providing in-person education. An additional estimated 2,100 educators and support staff who are engaged in distance learning will be invited to a clinic soon. Public Health expects that all educators and support staff will have received an invitation by mid-February, depending on vaccine availability. 

Other designated local vaccine providers have scheduled nearly 600 people age 75 and older for clinics this week. Those participating in this week’s clinics received invitations after filling out the county’s COVID-19 Vaccine Interest Form. 

Providers approved to administer vaccine will reach out directly to their patients who are 75 and older as doses become available. Anyone, especially those who do not have a provider, can fill out the interest form to be notified when appointments are available, and more than 10,700 county residents have completed the form so far. To access the form, visit humboldtgov.org/InterestForm.  

For the most recent COVID-19 information, visit cdc.gov or cdph.ca.gov. Local information is available at humboldtgov.org or during business hours by contacting [email protected] or calling 707-441-5000.

Local COVID-19 vaccine information: humboldtgov.org/vaccineinfo
Humboldt County COVID-19 Data Dashboard: humboldtgov.org/dashboard
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= historic data. All data from the Humboldt County Joint Information Center.

Data from CalREDIE. Zip codes not listed have experienced five cases or fewer. Zip code populations from the American Community Survey, 2018.

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