COVID-19 live updates: Moderna president hopeful for herd immunity by mid-year – ABC News

Two new reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention detail who received COVID-19 vaccines during the first month of the United States’ vaccination program. Of the 13 million Americans who got at least one dose between Dec. 14 and Jan. 14, 63% were women and 55% were 55 years old or older, according to the reports, which were released Monday.

The new data revealed a troubling trend in nursing home settings. While nearly 78% of residents got at least one vaccine dose, only 38% of staff members got vaccinated, which suggests barriers to vaccination for staff that “need to be overcome,” according to the CDC.

The racial breakdown of who got vaccinated is less clear. Since multiple jurisdictions aren’t reporting a breakdown by race, there’s missing data on about half of the people who were vaccinated. Based on the data that’s currently available, 60% of those people who received vaccines were white, 12% were Hispanic and 5% were Black, the CDC reported.

As the vaccination rollout continues, “it is critical to ensure efficient and equitable administration to persons in each successive vaccine priority category, especially those at highest risk for infection and severe health outcomes,” the CDC said.

-ABC News’ Sony Salzman contributed to this report.

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